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Available Items
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Lockhart's Sausage & Cheese $11.00 each
Smoked sausage and red hots served with select cheeses and crackers.

Lockhart's Smoked Bacon $11.00 each
Double thick bacon slow smoked and rubbed with brown sugar, black pepper and love.

Burnt Ends $13.00 each
Tasty pieces of brisket that have been double rubbed and double smoked. Over 14 hours of smoke.

Smoked Wings $12.00 each
Smoked whole wings tossed with Buffalo BBQ sauce and served with ranch dressing.

Fried Green Beans $10.00 each
Basket of fresh cut green beans fried to perfection. Served with spicy aioli.

Smoked Pork Nachos $11.00 each
Flash fried flour tortilla chips topped with smoked pork, cheddar, Monterey jack, onions, tomatoes, jalapeƱos and drizzled with BBQ sauce.

Basket of Cornbread $10.00 each
Four delicious pieces of our homemade cornbread.

Empanadas $10.00 each
Four Empanadas of puff pastry stuffed with either smoked chicken, pulled rib or chopped brisket. Served with a side of smoked jalapeƱo sour cream.